Bob Soven. Wakeboarder


Bob Soven’s bag of tricks has placed him on the podium plenty of times but his personality won the hearts of the fans. Wakeboarders have known the Soven name for years but in 2012 MTV’s Wake Brothers pushed it out to the main stream. When the show ended it was clear that Bob Soven is a name the world will never forget. Below is Bob’s five.

 G/A: MTV’s Wake Brothers introduced Bob Soven to an entire new demographic of people. How has the response from the fans been since the show wrapped last September?

BS: It’s been awesome! The best part about it is people realize I’m not Shaun White!

G/A: With so much talent in the world of wakeboarding it takes more than a big bag of tricks to stand out. Riders need personality so fans can relate to the pros as individuals. You have done an amazing job of letting the world know who you are. Is there a downside to showing your personality? Have you ever had a bad day and not wanted to talk or sign autographs but felt pressure to show the world the Bob Soven they have come to love?

BS: Are you saying it’s an act? Haha, yes there are days when I’m tired, but I never mind when someone stops me to take a photo or say what’s up, “with great power, comes great responsibility” does that apply? But honestly, I think people find me a lot more reserved in person then they expected. I’m a very caring and passionate young redhead, not the spastic, hell raising redhead they may think of me as.

G/A: You just turned 21 on Dec 6th 2012. How did you celebrate?

BS: I went to Outback steakhouse! Then two weeks later I went to Vegas, and celebrated the ceremonious event properly. I lost some money, “donated” some money, and had an awesome time parting from my fake ID!

G/A: Wakeboarding has allowed you to travel the world and see amazing places. What place has had the biggest impact on your life and why?

BS: It has to be Fiji. During the filming of Body Glove’s Slick City we made a pit stop there on the way home from Australia, and it was incredible. We stayed on Namotu Island, surfed every day, wakeboarded in the waves a couple times, and skinny-dipped in a five star honeymoon resort pool, all thanks to Body Glove.

G/A: Orlando, Florida is known for many things; Wakeboarding, Disney World, Orlando Magic, and Boy Bands to name a few. It’s no secret that you love to dance and I’m assuming that you can sing because you live near Orlando. If you were in a boy band what would it be called and what would your persona be?

BS: I have always thought my place in the world would be in a Boy/Lesbian band, a new age hybrid if you will. We would be called the Chapless Asses, I would be the drummer and wear scrubs for every concert. I think that we would grab the Ellen D. fans, as well as the General Hospital fans, aka the entire world! Our first gig is going to be opening for Tupac’s hologram, come check us out!

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